Damian and Team

When SEO Resellers CEO Damian Papworth visited the SEO Resellers South Africa office in early 2016, the team was still small and finding its feet. Just a few short months later, Damian has returned to the country to make further plans, and meet the new team that has more than doubled.

Under the direction of Director of Operations Steven Slotow, SEO Resellers South Africa has grown to include a copywriting team of two full-time writers as well as a sales team of two consultants. In addition to offering copywriting services to clients all over the world, SEO Resellers South Africa has also been steadily growing its local client base of SEO companies, web designers, PR firms, social media managers and business coaches interested in the company’s wholesale, white label digital marketing services.

During this second visit,Damianalso metwith and spent time passing on some sales tips to both members of the sales team, and he was also able to sit down with the entire team to formally reinforce the overall company infrastructure in a South African context, covering things like company culture, values and more.

While in South Africa, Damian and Steven also took the opportunity to informally meet with some of the local agencies that the SEO Resellers South Africa brand had been supporting. This was an opportunity to give them a first-hand introduction to the company’s Australian roots, as well as to pass on some valuable knowledge in the form of sales tips from the MD, advice on valuing various digital marketing services to clients and some general business acumen that Damian had picked up over the years.