Sep 2018 Sales Clinic SA 1 - “Charge Up” Your Sales Clinic For Digital Marketers hosted in South Africa in 3 main industry cities

The first half of 2018 saw major strides for Globital as a company and business in general. With the success of the Digital Sales and Marketing Masterclass held in 4 Australian cities during the year, it was inevitable that a return to South Africa to bolster local agencies with an educational event there was soon to follow.

With the guidance of Globital’s CEO, Damian Papworth and the insights of the company’s Director of Operations, Steven Slotow from South Africa, the “Charge Up” Your Sales Clinic for Digital Marketers kicked off in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town during September 2018.

The full-day event was aimed at providing agencies with invaluable tools in sales strategies such predictable prospecting practices to ensure immediate identification of the right kind of clients as well as razor precision decision making when it comes to selecting those clients. All these in an effort to tailor their agencies growth plans.

Globital has always been at the forefront of investing in agencies and through events such as the clinic, business owners can drastically improve their ability to locate potential clients while nurturing their existing customers. “The potential growth of the South African digital landscape is one to look out for. With many emerging digital agencies, being able to provide support in sales training, there is a huge advantage of adding value to businesses both for agencies and meeting the needs of their clients”, said Damian.

Sales Clinic SA 2 - “Charge Up” Your Sales Clinic For Digital Marketers hosted in South Africa in 3 main industry citiesA big part of what the clinic was showing small to medium agencies in different sectors how the process of generating leads could impact the way they draw up strategies that are accountable for their ROI. Steven Slotow added, “Understanding your audience is always the first step to attracting the right fit for your business. To draw up opportunities for success, you need to have a no fear navigator”.

The road into 2019 has never looked brighter and we’ll be with agencies globally every step of the way. Damian will be facilitating the “Charge Up” Your Sales Clinic in 2019 throughout Australia.