Your Marketing Clients Need Copy? Let Us Help!

From Emails To Blog Posts To Site Content – Globital Can Write It All

Have you found yourself in a situation where you’ve created a social media page or built a website for a client, or have been granted access to their database for a lead generation campaign, but haven’t given much thought to the content? Don’t worry – if you lack the skills or time to create compelling copy, reach out to Globital for professional assistance.

Words sell. Do yours?

Every marketing agency has one common need – copywriting. As a web designer or developer, you may find that any website or landing page you create for your client may not reach the right audience without keyword and location-optimised content. In order to ensure that your client’s website is found by the right people in the right place, it’s important to have compelling copywriting.

If you’re a social media expert aiming to position your client as a thought leader on LinkedIn, you’ll need someone to help transform their thoughts into a compelling opinion piece. Similarly, a client’s sales cannot be boosted with just a simple email marketing campaign promising discounts or free services. To persuade their customers, you need to highlight the benefits beyond the obvious advantages.

One of the advantages of using Globital’s copywriting services is that we take care of everything for you. You no longer have to worry about conducting keyword research, figuring out the ideal length of words for a blog, negotiating meta descriptions and title limits, or staying up-to-date with the latest best practices for structuring email content. We handle all of these tasks so that you can focus on other aspects of your business while delivering high-quality, professional content to your clients.

Often, copywriting is the one thing holding up a client’s marketing progress. Outsource your client’s copywriting needs to us and get those leads, rankings, ROI and brand looking better than ever.

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Press Releases

We can help you publicise your or your client’s business online and in their community with well-written press releases.

Website Content

Your client’s new or existing website can get a complete copy makeover, optimising it for the right audience.

Blog Post Writing

You can boost your client’s search engine ranking for specific terms and words with our customised blog posts and article rewrites.

Product Descriptions

Fill your client’s e-commerce site with an engaging and enticing copy for each product in their shop.

Print Copy

We can also create a wide array of copies to be used in print media. This includes advertising copy and brochure copy if needed.

Email Content

We offer email marketing for your short or long-term campaigns.


Proofing and editing of any written document can also be arranged.


Transcriptions of recordings.