Damian Papworth, CEO, Tours Our Pakistan Office

Damian Papworth, CEO, Tours Our Pakistan Office

Globital CEO

Recently, Damian, Globital’s CEO, visited Pakistan to celebrate the business success of 2022 with over 250 team members in an annual event. 

He spent an entire week with the Globital COO and other teams in strategic discussions on how to improve and enhance the services offered to our digital agency partners! During the annual dinner, Damian and Asjad Afzal, the COO, presented the next five-year business growth plan while simultaneously making strategic moves to expand the teams. 

The evet was a monumental success that introduced exciting new products and provided the opportunity for agencies to see and experience tremendous growth in the upcoming years! The agenda contained insight-packed events beneficial to all who attended. 

Invaluable Team Meetings 

After many months of operating digitally, there is nothing like meeting in the flesh. A team review offered valuable insights regarding the performance and outcomes of everyone’s efforts – a rewarding experience for reflection, applauding what worked, and tweaking some systems for better results. 

Damian also met with the Web Design, SEO, Google Ads, Charity, and Management teams to ensure everyone is updated with the plans and is ready to create innovative best practices for the most effective service delivery to all agencies and their clients. 

Annual Dinner & HOD Lunch

Meeting with the heads of departments ensures that those teams are led with the best possible foresight and plan of action to ensure the desired outcomes from the goals set during the next five years. 

Damian shared company insights and awarded certificates to various members. The groups commemorated ups and downs, congratulated each other, and geared up for exciting plans ahead, fueled by proven fail-proof teamwork on a monumental scale. 

Awards Evening

A crucial aspect of the week was the awards evening to honour the hard work, dedication, and innovation of everyone collectively bringing their efforts and skill together to form a well-oiled machine that runs even smoother with every passing year. 

Afterwards, the awarded members had a one-on-one lunch with the CEO to discuss the achievements of the past and the strategies for the future. 

As a global team, Globital continues to excel and improve the processes for agencies, helping them scale and grow sustainably and in a supported way. Does your agency seek additional support and insights from valuable free resources? Why not try ours?

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