Damain Papworth Globital

Globital CEO, Damian Papworth, was recently featured as an expert guest on a new Australian podcast, hosted by The Copywriters. .

The Copywriters are a team of Australian content producers who pride themselves on their expert content writing services that they provide to Australian Marketing, PR and Web Design Agencies all throughout the country.

Damian joined Cody Shorter on their inaugural episode of their new podcast which aims at addressing all sorts of issues and trends within the digital marketing industry.

Never one to turn down a chance to spread the news of the amazing ways that Globital is influencing the Australian digital industry, Damian took the opportunity to address several topics including: the challenges of working offshore, Globital’s truly unique business model of working directly with only agencies and not end, retail clients and some of his personal annoyances within the digital industry that hold many agencies back.

Of particular use and value was Damian’s insight and advice for Australian businesses to read the important business book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Aside from the importance that this book places on knowing your business back-to-front, numbers to suppliers, Damian shared his adaption of the books “Hedgehog Principle” into the digital marketing industry.

In short, the principle suggests asking yourself “What is it in the world and in my industry, that I can do and be the absolute best in the world at?”, calling this essential in Australia’s saturated digital marketing industry. Stay true to this principle, suggests Damian and the book and you’ll become one of the greats.

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