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Of course, we and all our country brands’ main focus is to provide digital marketing agencies around the world with a reliable, professional and affordable white label digital marketing solution, and we’re proud to say that we never lose that focus or waiver from our mission.

In fact, we’re so proud of the difference that we’re making in the lives and businesses of these digital marketers, that one of the most common conversations we’re having with not just the agencies we support but with anybody in any industry who will listen is: “do you know anybody else who you think could benefit from engaging with us?”.

This is a conversation that we are regularly having with Business Coaches, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Consultants…in fact anybody who has any sort of relationship with someone in the digital industry is an ideal referrer of business to Globital.

And we don’t just expect these referrals to come from goodwill or just because these people feel like it. In fact, we have an incredibly generous and industry-leading Affiliate program at Globital that rewards anyone who introduces a digital agency to us with a percentage of the amount that Globital nets from the business. And even better news, since many of our services recur every month, that’s an Affiliate fee that will recur month-after-month for the lifetime of the engagement.

Ed Plant is an old friend and colleague of our MD, Damian Papworth, and the two of them have developed a business relationship over the years that has seen one tossing tons of work to the other and back again, to each ones benefit through their respective Affiliate Programs.

Here’s Ed to tell you all about the success he has had as a member of our Affiliate network.

It’s about leveraging existing relationships you have going on anyway to better and more lucrative effect.

As you can see, Ed recognised the quality of work that Globital produced, but more importantly than that, he recognised that in his network there were a number of digital agencies that needed help in doing digital marketing in a better way. In his words “they needed to be able to get out of the mechanics of their product and do the service, customer interaction, sales and grow their business to the next level”.

Ed started referring business to Globital well before we even had our Affiliate program, but thanks to the Affiliate program, Ed is actually getting rewarded financially for the introductions he is making. Currently, Ed is earning AU$2000 per month (R20 000 per month) from his referrals, and due to the recurring nature of our engagement with the agencies that we’re supporting, that number is growing all the time, without ANY effort from Ed at all.

If the extra, effortless cash that Ed is earning every month is something that you feel like you could benefit from too in your business, and you’d like to become an Affiliate of Globital, we’ve made it incredibly easy.

Simply sign up to our Affiliate program here:

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Once you’re an Affiliate, we’ve ensured that all your introductions are tracked and your earnings come straight to you via a unique link that’s usable only by you.
Here’s a video to walk you though.

And of course, if you have any questions about our Affiliate Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.