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Of course, we and all our country brands’ main focus is to provide digital marketing agencies around the world with a reliable, professional and affordable white label digital marketing solution, and we’re proud to say that we never lose that focus or waiver from our mission.

In fact, we’re so proud of the difference that we’re making in the lives and businesses of these digital marketers, that one of the most common conversations we’re having with not just the agencies we support but with anybody in any industry who will listen is: “do you know anybody else who you think could benefit from engaging with us?”.

This is a conversation that we are regularly having with Business Coaches, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Consultants…in fact anybody who has any sort of relationship with someone in the digital industry is an ideal referrer of business to Globital.

And we don’t just expect these referrals to come from goodwill or just because these people feel like it. In fact, we have an incredibly generous and industry-leading Affiliate program at Globital that rewards anyone who introduces a digital agency to us with a percentage of the amount that Globital nets from the business. And even better news, since many of our services recur every month, that’s an Affiliate fee that will recur month-after-month for the lifetime of the engagement.

Ed Plant is an old friend and colleague of our MD, Damian Papworth, and the two of them have developed a business relationship over the years that has seen one tossing tons of work to the other and back again, to each ones benefit through their respective Affiliate Programs.

Here’s Ed to tell you all about the success he has had as a member of our Affiliate network.

It’s about leveraging existing relationships you have going on anyway to better and more lucrative effect.

As you can see, Ed recognised the quality of work that Globital produced, but more importantly than that, he recognised that in his network there were a number of digital agencies that needed help in doing digital marketing in a better way. In his words “they needed to be able to get out of the mechanics of their product and do the service, customer interaction, sales and grow their business to the next level”.

Ed started referring business to Globital well before we even had our Affiliate program, but thanks to the Affiliate program, Ed is actually getting rewarded financially for the introductions he is making. Currently, Ed is earning AU$2000 per month (R20 000 per month) from his referrals, and due to the recurring nature of our engagement with the agencies that we’re supporting, that number is growing all the time, without ANY effort from Ed at all.

If the extra, effortless cash that Ed is earning every month is something that you feel like you could benefit from too in your business, and you’d like to become an Affiliate of Globital, we’ve made it incredibly easy.

Simply sign up to our Affiliate program here:

South Africa
United Kingdom
New Zealand

Once you’re an Affiliate, we’ve ensured that all your introductions are tracked and your earnings come straight to you via a unique link that’s usable only by you.
Here’s a video to walk you though.

And of course, if you have any questions about our Affiliate Program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

Brainstorming & teamwork concept

Over the past year, we are proud to report that our impressive and first-class copywriting service has become another of our cornerstone product offerings with which we support digital agencies. This team has successfully removed one of the most common frustrations that agencies all around the world contend with: a lack of quality, authoritative and efficient content.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team recently became certified monthly contributors to the Entrepreneur Mag website. 

This is a significant move for Globital as it demonstrates even further to our agencies that we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our services and the ways that we support them.

This monthly contribution to Entrepreneur Mag will provide the digital marketing industry in South Africa (and around the world) with valuable and more importantly practical advice and best practices on how to run a better digital agency and improve the way they are executing their digital marketing strategies. The team is able to draw these lessons directly from our own experience on executing SEO, Adwords, Social Media and other strategies on behalf of the agencies that we support.

Entrepreneur Mag is a premier South African business title, providing daily business, marketing and lifestyle content to the South African market. By becoming contributors to tiles like this, the Globital brand also enjoys a raising of our profile in the digital marketing industry, further improving our reputation as an authority that has the best interests if digital agencies all around the world, at heart.

Please enjoy our team’s first contributions to the Entrepreneur Mag site.

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IMG 0225 - Digital Sales and Marketing Masterclass hosted in 4 cities Australian cities to much praise from local agencies

Following the success of the Digital Sales and Marketing Masterclasses in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa in 2017, CEO of Globital, Damian Papworth, spent the early months of 2018 rolling out the successful events throughout Australia as well.

Digital marketing agencies in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane all got the chance to experience the value shared during the 2-day event, in venues locally. As in South Africa, the content of the masterclass went a long way towards aiding the digital agencies that attended and teaching them sales strategies and lead generation techniques and offered them the chance to put together their very own 3-month sales strategy, unique and tailored to their agency’s needs.

“After the reaction that we got from the Masterclasses in South Africa, I just knew that Australian agencies would form a line to attend these events and take away the lessons that would help them boost their digital agency’s success. I wasn’t disappointed!” says Damian.

Of course, these masterclasses were more than just an opportunity for Damian and his local team to meet and network with the Resellers that Globital supports throughout Australia. They were in fact conceptualised and executed much more importantly as another way for Globital to support local digital agencies, not just in the outsourced execution of digital strategy, but more importantly in the education of how to run a better, more profitable digital agency, identify and close better and more ideal clients and in the end, generate more profit and scale for their business.

Digital Sales & Marketing Masterclass

In November 2017, Damian Papworth, CEO of Globital, and Steven Slotow, the company’s director of operations for South Africa, presented a Masterclass on helping the countries digital agencies to improve their sales and marketing efforts and find more success in 2018.

The Masterclass was presented in each of the country’s major cities, and was aimed at helping the agencies the company supports find effective and sustainable ways to ensure that they enjoy a never-ending flow of new leads and better business in the future.

Damian was excited about the Masterclass’ success, “Our business is focused on helping and supporting our clients. When they grow, our company can do the same, and opportunities like this Masterclass give our agencies a clear way forward to that success.”

When asked about choosing South Africa as the first country to host his Masterclass, Damian had the following to say, “South Africa is a country of diversity, and we can see that diversity clearly in its digital marketing industry. While this is great, many small to medium agencies, like the agencies we support, often struggle, as they are sometimes too specialized and focused on their trade, never able to master the most important business skill of all: generating leads and closing sales. A big part of the Masterclass was showing them what they can do to offer their services to a wider range of clients. That means that the Masterclass had to stand up to these challenges, and I’m really happy with the results.”

Steven Slotow, affirmed Damian’s sentiments, “Our processes and best practices are set up in such a way as to provide a wide range of digital marketing services to our agencies. By helping them find a way to offer our services in the same way, we can help them grow, which in turn is great for our business. I think it comes down to the fact that we believe strongly in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, which offers constant benefits, which I think this Masterclass succeeded at spectacularly.”

While digital marketing played a large part in the class, it also focused on sales best practices, which was a firm favourite for the crowd, according to Steven. “So many attendants came up to us, full of excitement about how they couldn’t wait to implement Damian’s sales best practices into their own daily activities.”

Damian will now be facilitating the same Masterclass in 2018 throughout Australia to support the agencies that the company engages with there.

Damian Papworth

It has been a full year since I visited the Pakistan office of Globital where many of our wholesale digital marketing services are fulfilled, so I was quite looking forward to flying out on Friday 3rd March. My excitement largely came from preparing my slide deck for my annual staff presentation. Preparing this presentation allowed me to take a breath, step back and see how far we’ve come in the last 12 months, how much we’ve achieved. Here for example are just some of these achievements:

  • An increase in Pakistan team members from 46 to 72
  • An increase in global team members from 49 to 82
  • An increase in the number of new services started each week of 320%
  • A decrease in customer complaints of 560% (and our drive for ongoing process improvement continues)
  • We successfully documented and published our Vision, Mission, Culture and Values statements
  • We successfully formalised, launched and have been running our staff appreciation and rewards program.

Wow, what a year. Yet in looking back, I still see 2016 as a foundational year, a year of working really hard to set up a platform to launch off for this year. It’s this platform that will allow us to kickstart some exceptionally exciting projects in 2017. These include new products, continual improvement of our processes and quality standards and new innovative ways to offer real support for our clients, the digital marketing agencies of the world.

My 2017 Pakistan visit itself had many highlights. To begin with I had the honour of presenting our Director of Operations Asjad Afzal with a Gold Coast Suns AFL footy jumper and footy, successfully handballing to his successful catch, in front of the entire team. We followed this up later with some YouTube videos of the biggest AFL marks and another of the biggest AFL hits, to give the guys an appreciation of our great game. I think they are hooked and we need to seek a special International Membership with the Suns.

I also really enjoyed meeting with all the teams during the week. This gave me the opportunity to really appreciate how the team numbers have swelled over the 12 months, doubling in every single service line. This I found to be extremely satisfying. This growth in team numbers really highlights to me just how well our services and quality execution is meeting the mark for the many digital agencies who are enjoying our support. This growth really reflects just how much value we are providing to marketing businesses across the globe and their business clients, who we service with our wholesale platform.

The final part of my trip involved initiating a number of key projects in Pakistan and focusing on what we want to achieve over the next 12 months. These initiatives are extremely exciting for me as I believe they will enhance the way we support our marketing agency clients beyond anything they expect, completely delighting them in the process. I also believe that this will set us so far apart from other outsource marketing companies, that we will absolutely cement our place as the service partner of choice to the global marketing industry. Some of these initiatives include:

  • The launch of many new products, including wholesale Conversion Rate Optimisation and Content Marketing services.
  • Having employed Ali Sultan as our Quality Assurance manager, we have started a project to align ourselves with ISO 9001 best practise, and are progressing to achieve this quality accreditation.
  • We launched a “Staff Expert” initiative where one team member volunteers as the expert of each service line, a significant portion of their role then becomes seeking, training and industry participation in the expert panels of that discipline. My ideal here is that, over time, each of these professionals lifts both their skills and knowledge so far that they become renowned experts in the field of that discipline, so people begin to come to us for advice and training. By having people in our teams whose job it is to become global authorities, the idea is that this knowledge and skill will raise the standards of all members of our teams through simple association. From there we will be able to lift the standards of marketing for all the agencies we support. So as a long term result, we lift the standard of excellence for our entire industry. I know, it’s a lofty vision isn’t it? Regardless, it’s one we are actively pursuing today.
  • We also agreed to hire a full time english teacher for the office. The idea here is not only to help communication between our team and our clients, but we also want our team members to obtain skills of real life value to them. One of the points of our mission statement is to be an employer of choice in our industry, and this move helps us to accomplish that goal. With this in mind, the english teacher will not only be charged with training our client interfacing team members, but this personal and professional development initiative will be made available to ALL members of our team.

For me, this visit was an inspiring and energising week to say the least. I’d really like to thank Asjad our Director of Operations in Pakistan, his management team and everyone for making me feel so welcome during my stay. It was great to see old friends again as well as meet so many new friends. I really look forward to my visit this time next year to see how far we have come again and how much success we will enjoy from the key initiatives we have launched this year.

Damain Papworth Globital

Globital CEO, Damian Papworth, was recently featured as an expert guest on a new Australian podcast, hosted by The Copywriters. .

The Copywriters are a team of Australian content producers who pride themselves on their expert content writing services that they provide to Australian Marketing, PR and Web Design Agencies all throughout the country.

Damian joined Cody Shorter on their inaugural episode of their new podcast which aims at addressing all sorts of issues and trends within the digital marketing industry.

Never one to turn down a chance to spread the news of the amazing ways that Globital is influencing the Australian digital industry, Damian took the opportunity to address several topics including: the challenges of working offshore, Globital’s truly unique business model of working directly with only agencies and not end, retail clients and some of his personal annoyances within the digital industry that hold many agencies back.

Of particular use and value was Damian’s insight and advice for Australian businesses to read the important business book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Aside from the importance that this book places on knowing your business back-to-front, numbers to suppliers, Damian shared his adaption of the books “Hedgehog Principle” into the digital marketing industry.

In short, the principle suggests asking yourself “What is it in the world and in my industry, that I can do and be the absolute best in the world at?”, calling this essential in Australia’s saturated digital marketing industry. Stay true to this principle, suggests Damian and the book and you’ll become one of the greats.

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SEO Resellers New Zealand

The advertising and marketing landscape in New Zealand is heating up as digital services start to claim their piece of the revenue pie. Following global trends, digital advertising has catapulted its way to claim a place in the top rankings of advertising expenditure charts and wholesale digital marketing service provider Globital can attest to this fact with its first sales into the New Zealand market coming quite organically.

The entrance of the Globital brand into the New Zealand digital marketing sector means only good news for all players in the online marketing sphere. With a focused approach on delivering on a quality service offering and extending a valuable support structure, agencies can up-skill thanks to the proficiencies provided by the Globital brand and streamline operations to promote the growth of their own businesses alongside those of their clients.

According to the IAB/PwC Online Advertising Report, the New Zealand sector showed a record of $225.54m in Interactive Adspend in the third quarter of 2016, an increase of 12.99% year on year. With the evolving nature that the digital marketing sphere has come to represent, marketing agencies need to find strategic ways to close the digital skills gap in order to continue to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Online marketing is an especially technical field and marketing agencies will look towards outsourcing the expertise required to provide their clients with successful campaigns and great returns on their investment. This is just one reason why clients have reached out to see how best SEO Resellers New Zealand could serve their needs. We must be answering to a great need as we continue to see a growing demand all over the world for our unique concept in wholesale digital marketing services.

Damian and Team

When SEO Resellers CEO Damian Papworth visited the SEO Resellers South Africa office in early 2016, the team was still small and finding its feet. Just a few short months later, Damian has returned to the country to make further plans, and meet the new team that has more than doubled.

Under the direction of Director of Operations Steven Slotow, SEO Resellers South Africa has grown to include a copywriting team of two full-time writers as well as a sales team of two consultants. In addition to offering copywriting services to clients all over the world, SEO Resellers South Africa has also been steadily growing its local client base of SEO companies, web designers, PR firms, social media managers and business coaches interested in the company’s wholesale, white label digital marketing services.

During this second visit,Damianalso metwith and spent time passing on some sales tips to both members of the sales team, and he was also able to sit down with the entire team to formally reinforce the overall company infrastructure in a South African context, covering things like company culture, values and more.

While in South Africa, Damian and Steven also took the opportunity to informally meet with some of the local agencies that the SEO Resellers South Africa brand had been supporting. This was an opportunity to give them a first-hand introduction to the company’s Australian roots, as well as to pass on some valuable knowledge in the form of sales tips from the MD, advice on valuing various digital marketing services to clients and some general business acumen that Damian had picked up over the years.

SEO Resellers South Africa

When SEO Resellers South Africa initially launched in early 2016, it was to serve as the home for the Globital brand’s copywriting team, as overseen by local Director of Operations Steven Slotow.

As time progressed and the office continued to go from strength to strength, it soon became apparent that there was a need for a dedicated sales team to be introduced into the business to help expand the SEO Resellers South Africa presence and include the support and offering of all the digital marketing services offered by Globital into the South African market. This was accomplished through the introduction of two dedicated Sales Consultants – a first for the local business.

With consultant Isaac Chola based in the company’s Gauteng offices and Gonzales Ndyamba setting up sales operations in Cape Town, the major metropolitan areas of South Africa were covered.

The purpose of the introduction of a sales team was to ensure that there were dedicated and knowledgeable people always available to sell SEO Reseller South Africa’s digital marketing services to local digital marketers and agencies. Parallel to this, it is also imperative that SEO Resellers supports these agencies as they sign up, something Isaac and Gonzales are well placed to do.

Part of Isaac and Gonzales’ efforts would be to representative SEO Resellers South Africa at networking events, pitching to prospective clients face-to-face and even attending sales meetings on behalf of clients to help them better sell the SEO Resellers South Africa services.

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