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With the Canadian market having just come online with Globital’s white label, wholesale digital marketing offering, the United Kingdom proves to be not far behind and undoubtedly just as lucrative. November 2016 has seen the first batch of jobs being loaded onto the SEO Resellers UK portal and commercialization of the region not far behind. Online markets around the world are seeing a steady growth, year-on-year, and the UK digital market is no different. With UK advertising spend hitting a 5-year high in 2016, Globital is well poised to make a real difference to the region in the coming decade.

Australian Digital Marketing Company

SEO Resellers South Africa recently had the pleasure of being profiled in South African weekly newspaper Business Day, for their Sunday 23 October edition.

This is quite an achievement, as Business Day is one of South Africa’s oldest business related weekly papers and commands a sizable circulation of local decision makers and business leaders.

It’s just another sign that SEO Resellers South Africa is making strides in the digital marketing industry and that what we have to offer is unique enough to grab the attention of others.

The article in particular emphasises one of our key differences in relation to other international wholesale agencies with local footprints, which is the fact that we are completely tailored to the uniquely South African market.

It’s this unique difference that we predict will continue to garner us positive press and clients as we become more established in the local digital marketing industry. Read More

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The Marketing Site .com

SEO Resellers South Africa continues to create waves in the local digital marketing industry with its appearance on TheMarketingSite.com.

This popular site is widely considered to be a top online marketing and communications knowledge hub for an international base of marketing service providers who want to become global resources to be reckoned with. The site receives between 50 000 and 60 000 unique users every month, and 15 000 marketing professionals subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

Unlike many marketing information sites, the TheMarketingSite.com does not rely on any advertising revenue and therefore has established a reputation for providing bias-free marketing communication to the industry since its inception some 17 years ago.

It’s yet another sign that SEO Resellers South Africa is genuinely and positively disrupting the usual way of doing things in the local digital marketing industry – and that people are sitting up and taking notice. Read More

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Digital Marketing Event

SEO Resellers Australia continues to garner attention from local newspapers. Our most recent appearance in the Gold Coast Bulletin covered the event we recently held for local business people and marketers to educate them on the benefits of the AdWords advertising platform.

Globital Adwords 1 2 - Globital’s Australian Brand SEO Resellers Australia Continues To Deliver Industry Excellence As Official Google Partners

We partnered with Google to host this event as official Google Partners – a title earned by digital agencies that have proven AdWords skill and expertise, and delivers significant agency and client revenue growth.

Globital Adwords 2 - Globital’s Australian Brand SEO Resellers Australia Continues To Deliver Industry Excellence As Official Google Partners

The event was heavily by businesses and agencies looking to get insights from the official Google Chromecast screening we helped facilitate as well as get insights from our own local digital marketing experts.

Globital Adwords 4 1 - Globital’s Australian Brand SEO Resellers Australia Continues To Deliver Industry Excellence As Official Google Partners

Due to the response received we are definitely planning on hosting something similar soon, so please stay tuned….

Globital Adwords 3 - Globital’s Australian Brand SEO Resellers Australia Continues To Deliver Industry Excellence As Official Google Partners

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Google Livestreamed Australia

When SEO Resellers Australia held an exclusive Google Connect Event in 2016, it gave local marketers and businesses the chance to hear about the wholesalers Google and AdWords advertising capabilities.

SEO Resellers Australia was selected as hosts thanks to our official partnership with Google, and attendees heard directly from search behemoth through alivestreamed Chromecast while we offered them a uniquely Australian breakdown. The event was successful, and every attendee walked away with a better knowledge of our ability to support them using Google.

The event was heavily advertised using social media and PR that was successful in drawing in a crowd that would benefit most from mingling with other prospects and make the most of the opportunity to generate leads, network and find valuable business connections. Registrations were snapped up instantly and it was an expectant crowd that greeted SEO Resellers Australia CEO Damian Papworth for the actual event.

Because we wanted each agency to walk away feeling like they’d undoubtedly gotten value out of sharing their time with us, everyone received free branded Google goodies and food and drinks. We also had several local AdWords experts present to answer any questions attendees had on AdWords as part of amarketing and lead generation strategy.

The response received shows us that while Australian businesses are aware of and trust Google’s international brand offering, what they lack is a partner to guide them through its place in the Australian business economy.

Due to the overwhelming response from these who attended as well as those who couldn’t make the date, we’ll definitely be holding another information sharing event in the near future where businesses and marketers can learn from our insights.

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In another move demonstrating their unparalleled understanding and sensitivity to the reality of running a successful global business, Globital proudly announces their opening of operations of Virtual Assistants Australia. With a focus on providing their agency clients with a reliable and affordable alternative to hiring new administrative staff or being bogged down doing the day-to-day on their own, based out of the Philippines, Virtual Assistants offers Globital clients the benefit of a full-time or part-time  productivity from Philippine-based professionals. This new brand offers it’s services to all of the Globital member brands and further demonstrates Globital’s commitment to diversifying their service offering and increasing their investor ROI.


As 2016 draws to a close, the Globital brand shows no signs of letting up, evident in the successful push for the exporting of white label, wholesale digital marketing to a whole new region. This time the Canadian digital marketing audience comes online with Digital Resellers Canada. This is a particularly significant milestone as the Canadian market, and the first jobs exported there, are the first for the Globital brand in the North American region. Considering the substantial size of both the economies and the digital marketing industry in the USA and Canada, big things lie ahead for this region.

Services In SA

Momentum builds in South Africa as local agencies discover the advantages Globital can offer the local digital marketing community across so many services at not a discount off retail but a truly wholesale level.

Globital’s Head of Operations in South Africa, Steven Slotow speaks with Media Update this week to delve further into how SEO Resellers South Africa are able to help agencies become more profitable and more successful utilising our unique service portal. This along with the Copywriting Arm of the business which services the global market taking Globital as a company to a new level of it’s own…
Read more>>
Business Show

On the 21st of July 2016 Globital Pty Ltd CEO, Damian Papworth speaks with Bryan Hattingh on the Risky Business Show –  mixcloud.com, Legendary Radio in South Africa. Damian is joined for this live radio interview by Steven Slotow, Head of  SEO Resellers South Africa Operations to establish some real insight into how Globital can support the Digital Marketing Industry in South Africa. Also discussed during the interview is how Globital is utilising South Africa as a base for it’s global, white label copywriting operation. (more…)

Gold Coast Bulletin

This is an article which was published in Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper on Monday 13 June 2016.

file page1 - Australia's Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper

Managing Director Damian Papworth announces the launch of long awaited outsourced copywriting at a wholesale level. In an online world where content is everything and search engines demand it, there’s finally an option for reliable, cost effective copy written by native english speakers. Here is the article. For enquiries regarding this new service please don’t hesitate to contact SEO Resellers Australia on 1300 014 416.