Email Marketing: Will It Work In 2019!

Email Marketing

The short answer is yes. Email marketing is a marketing strategy that is used specifically for customers who are familiar and comfortable with your client’s brand, product or service. Compiling an email list involves

nurturing many customers over a long period, but will encourage more sales.

Creating an email list is great for your client’s business, for many reasons. As a permission-based service, you know that the only people who will sign up for your client’s

newsletter are customers invested in their brand. Emails used for marketing purposes are also flexible because designs can be experimented and played with. Thinking about rebranding? Your client can gauge the response to a new logo, font or colour scheme.

Is the expense worth it? When your client is thinking about the cost of email marketing, there are many factors to consider, including the products on offer, the complexity of email design templates and the quality of the email service provider they use. The outlay of cash might be expensive for your client’s budget, but it’s important to remember that the money spent on email marketing isn’t an expense, it’s an investment which will make a profit.

This brings us to the ROI of email marketing. According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), email marketing can bring a return of investment of $44 for every US$1 spent on the campaign. This is a massive boost in profits that all of your clients dream of! Even using an email marketing campaign of average quality, your clients will still reap the rewards of compiling an email list.

Initially, the time investment when compiling an email list will come from the marketing funnel that your clients use to attract customers and convert leads into sales. This is a long process, which involves much nurturing. However, once your clients have earned these customers, they won’t hesitate to sign up for a newsletter or weekly email.

If your clients have a foolproof sales funnel to convert leads once they have visited their social media pages, websites or online stores, the time investment will only involve designing and writing the email that they intend on sending out. The money spent is more of an investment, and the ROI is enough to make the process worth it.

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