How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Calibrate Brand Voice To Their Clients’ Marketing Strategies


Developing a brand voice is a big part of creating the persona or brand identity that your clients need to reach their intended audience. At Globital, we have seen real-life results. Marketing that errs to the side of impersonal and generic in the vacuum of true brand direction fails. While “Copy Paste” advertising has earned success in the past, modern audiences simply won’t stand for it. The reasoning is sound: why should users engage if your clients do not engage equally in their communication? That is why it is your duty as a digital agency to create and guide the conversation, to steer a brand voice that is authentic, engaging, and tonally appropriate. 

Developing The Voice Of A Brand For Your Clients

Forbes offers some useful guidance on ‘Developing A Strong Brand Voice’ that includes approaches both in perception and execution. From thinking of your client’s brand as a person to developing a well thought out (and tested) style guide. The truth is, you won’t be able to speak as a brand until you have helped your clients complete a full personality assessment (of sorts) to interrogate what it is their brand stands for, who their brand is, and on what level they engage with their customers.

For example, a casual mom-and-pop diner wouldn’t use formal language or statistical analysis in their marketing, yet an investment manager certainly would. Simply ticking boxes is not what true brand is about – it is about personality. The voice (tone, language use, digital platform, customer interaction, etc.) of your client’s brand is dictated by their personality. Once you have a complete understanding of it, you can calibrate to match the marketing strategies accordingly.

Time For Action And Getting Your Client’s Brand Voice Optimised

We have some suggestions on how Digital marketing resellers can get your clients’ brand voices optimised:

  • Define your client’s keywords and use primary keywords at the start
  • Create engaging titles which are personalised to the brand
  • Make meta descriptions that encourage follow-through
  • Hook them in with attention-grabbing headlines
  • Allow your client’s brand voice to dictate copy
  • Use visuals that are appropriate to your client’s brand
  • Collaborate with identities or influencers that embrace your client’s brand

More recommendations are provided by, “This means really getting to know your [clients’] customers – find out what they need and how they want it presented to them. Consider the demographics: age, gender, profession, financial situation, lifestyle. It’s also helpful to carry out a competitor analysis for companies in a similar industry and see how their brand voice works for them. When you know who you’re (who your clients are) talking to, you can tailor your [their] brand voice to the people who are going to listen to it and target them through clever SEO techniques.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

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