4 Fast Track Tips For Preparing Your Local Digital Agency To Go Global

Local Digital Agency To Go Global

At Globital, we believe that every digital agency can reach its potential. We also believe that this potential shouldn’t be limited to the agency’s immediate location, state or even country. Given our experience and success of managing a global white label agency, with departments located around the world, running, growing and scaling a global digital agency is more than possible.

The Next Move

Marketers and digital agency owners once believed that changing from brick and mortar offices to remote, virtual businesses would be impossible. Time proved this wrong. Digital agencies once believed that hiring outside of the business, placing staff remotely and hiring subcontractors would be impossible. It wasn’t. These days, many digital agency owners believe that growing their agencies beyond country borders is impossible or is something that could be possible but is yet to be actioned on due to lack of experience, knowledge and an abundance of fear.

It’s a small businessperson mindset and way of thinking that many digital agency owners can overcome, with help from a wholesale and white label digital agency resource partner who has already walked the journey successfully.

So, let’s tell you what we know so across the globe your digital agency can grow.

Keep Up Communication Between Departments And Staff Members

First off, you can and should consider running different departments located in different countries. Take us, for example. We are proud to run a wholesale digital marketing business resourced by team members in five different countries around the world. So how do our departments work together so well when they are located so far apart? Online communication. Yes. Keep communication constant. Don’t just make use of Skype, Zoom Calls, Google meetings and other online communication tools, coach and train your team to make these tools a part of their everyday work life. Through company communication, your agency’s departments can work well even if not working in the same time zone.

Make Different Currencies Work For Your Bottomline

Opening up your digital agency to clients across the globe, as well as resources and subcontractors in other regions, means your agency can use different currencies to its financial advantage. Opt for countries that have both favourable exchange rates and excellent resources and talent. Use them to create marketing content and materials for your clients who are based in countries with employees with low salary expectations thanks to the different regions they live in. This means your margin between resource expenses and client profits will be enormous.

Opening up your business to clientele based in other parts of the world will mean you’re able to enjoy higher client payments and overall profits as well. Sometimes you find that local resources overcharge, so make the most of talented providers in other countries who charge lower rates. It’s not unethical business; it’s smart business. Your agency will still be charging way less than what your client would be paying if using expensive local talent, and your agency will be reaping higher financial rewards than experienced with local clients.

Prepare For Change, Movement And Juggling The Internal Circus

With global digital agencies and staff, resources and clients based across the globe, you need to prepare for constant change and movement. Change in your products, processes and staff that is. To succeed in the long term, your now-global agency needs to be flexible enough to scale. Fortunately, remote positions allow for easier interchanging between staff members.

Remote departments, which come with different marketing knowledge and perspectives, allows for the changing, introducing and expanding of products and services. To succeed globally, agency owners have to encourage this and allow for departments located in different areas to influence global growth. In line with this, global digital agencies often experience domino effects. With the ever-changing internal structure, process and product offerings, a change in one process will mean a change in another. White Label Digital Marketing agencies are constantly reviewing, revamping, upgrading and expanding, so never expect processes, people and products to stay the same.

Of course, taking a local agency and is going global is easier said than done. If you’re looking for a partner to accelerate the process and mitigate the risk, contact Globital Singapore and take advantage of the infrastructure that we’ve already set up and made available to your digital agency. Let our experience, tips and resources help you make a move from local to global. We’ll help you reach your global potential!


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