While COVID-19 changes the digital marketing world, it’s influence has seeped into marketing content itself. At Globital Singapore, we’ve noticed a fast evolution of online content amid this pandemic.If your agency is still delivering the same old online copy and content that is either paraphrased, lacking information or slim on facts and substance, you’re likely to fall behind for your clients. Worse than this, your agency is sure to be experiencing an abundance of negative feedback, requests for rewrites, unhappy clients and possibly a decrease in the workflow.It’s Because Your Agency’s Copy Is Written By Copycats, Not CopywritersThis pandemic is changing the way agencies, along with their copywriters, are conceptualising and creating content for their clients. Furthermore, COVID-19 has given clients and agencies alike x-ray vision when it comes to identifying the copywriter from the copycat, with an easy distinguishability between so-called copywriters and actual copywriters.Copywriting Needs To ChangeFollowing recent discussions with new agencies who have received unsatisfactory work from copywriters as well as with agencies who have expressed their desire for really top quality content, it has become apparent that content needs to change. Agencies have grown tired of working with copywriters who proclaim years of experience and deliver nothing but a piece of work that needs reworking. They are tired of content which lacks substance or even the most basic use of software support like Grammarly. They are tired of receiving copy which retells instead of sells.Most importantly, agencies are desperate for skilled copywriters who produce copy for their clients that not only ranks high on search engines, but that ranks high in interest, thought-leadership and opinion. And it’s time for agencies to deliver.

A Call To Action Changes To A Call To Continue Acting

While online marketing tools and content/copy therein inspire a Call To Action, a click through to this website or a click here to this blog is followed with a lack of action. When considering the content they’re about to send to their client, agency heads need to ask, “What happens then?” “So, this online visitor acts on the call to action but then what? Content written by inexperienced copywriters creates a call to action. However, content written by experienced copywriters inspires further acting – it seeks to tell a message, a story, inspires further interest, motivates to engage further and inspires readers to share and respond.

Your agency needs copywriters who produce copy that motivates a call to continue acting—content which tells. Not just sells.

Prospects Now Have Time To Read Content Which Means More Time Needs To Be Spent On It 

If COVID-19 has had one major impact on our lives, it has got to be the increase in time and attention we have to spend online and take in content. For most of us, COVID-19 has meant more time at home socially isolating, more time online reading and more time to find and enjoy content we love.

With this new focus, we’ve found during conversations with the agencies that we support, that clients are seeking detailed, informative, factual, interesting copy to deliver to online eyes. Clients understand that their target market and potential audiences are spending actual time online; they’re actually using the online space to entertain themselves while the globe stands still. They’re actually seeking content online for educational, edutainment, entertainment purposes and with more time for content consideration, your agency needs to bring forth content that delivers all this.

Agencies seeking white label copywriting that has evolved to current times can contact us at Globital Singapore. Our white label copywriters, white label social media and web development reseller program produces the best content and help your agency achieve its marketing content goals.

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