How to Use Customer Reviews in Images and Video Ads

How to Use Customer Reviews

Determining the appropriate content for your image and video ads can be a challenge. Despite how detailed your digital marketing plan is, no single answer for ad success pertains to each campaign. 93% of users browse online reviews before they reach a purchasing decision. If you include a positive and authentic review in your ads, you set yourself ahead of your competition and reveal to your audience your worth.  

Why You Should Use Customer Reviews in Your Advertising Images and Videos 

If a possible buyer overhears about your product or business, they’re running straight to the web to discover more about it.

How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Advertising Images and Videos

1.Choose an Ad Theme and Discover Customer Reviews on That Theme

Adverts can be compelling and provoke complex sentiments. As you curate your credential campaign, select which emotion you need your ad to represent.

2.Pick a Great Customer Review and Create an Image or Video Around the Review

  • Unique Visuals
  • Layout
  • Simple
  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Simple


3.Select a Customer Review and Exercise It to Magnify Your Social Shares

Through observing your social channels and replies from consumers, specific buyers can make a further informed judgment about the utility and strength of your product.

4.Choose a Customer Review and Apply It in Your Search Strategy

Search engines aren’t only engaged in how great you optimize your listing; people are likewise a source of regular monitoring, including what customers respond about your brand or product.

5.Pick an Exceptional Customer Review and Use It in Your Email Marketing Strategy

You can profit from incorporating customer reviews. Given the medium’s historically significant return on investment (ROI), this platform is ideal for having images or videos spotlighting customer reviews.

6.Pick a Great Customer Review and Use It in Your Email Marketing Strategy

  • Short and Sweet
  • Give Thanks
  • Re-Tweet and Reshare

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