MUST-KNOW: Lead Generation VS Lead Nurturing

Lead Generation Vs Lead Nurturing

While most digital marketing agencies will read the title of this blog and think, “Hey, we already know this!” many may have the knowledge but fail to use both effectively to bring in quality leads and actually grow their business. At Globital Singapore, we’re leaders in lead generation and lead nurturing and wanted to assist digital marketing agencies in making the most of both. So, if your agency is great at bringing in the leads but fails to create actual clients from these leads, take note of the following:

What Your Digital Marketing Agency Needs To Know About Lead Generation

According to Yokelocal, “Lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating interest in your business’s product or service with the goal of converting that interest into a sale. Companies use inbound marketing strategies, such as email marketing, content marketing, and online advertising, to help them generate leads that are considering purchasing their products or services. Online web forms are a popular way to collect a lead’s contact information so that the sales department can reach out to the lead and work to make a sale.”

If you’re one of the digital marketing agencies that know how to perform lead generation properly, you’ll be able to target desired customers, collect sufficient information on prospective customers, and you’ll generate mass awareness of your digital marketing agency. For those failing in this aspect, be sure to apply effective Search Engine Optimisation, social media marketing and advertising, content marketing and mass email marketing.

What Your Digital Marketing Agency Needs To Know About Lead Nurturing

According to Yokelocal, “Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with potential buyers. Companies use this process to turn interested prospects into loyal customers. Lead nurturing occurs with help from automated workflows and marketing campaigns that focus on the needs or interests of the possible clients and thus gaining the leads’ attention and trust.”

Lead nurturing is effective in building reputation, identifying needs, pushing leads down the sale funnel, converting leads into clients, and retaining them. To convert leads into clients, outsource digital marketing agencies need to personalise their tactics, monitor their social media channels and reply instantly to engagements, educate leads and provide content that they will enjoy.

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