Top Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates In Email Marketing For Your Clients

Top Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates

At Globital, we know that successful online outreach is the backbone of every digital marketing resellers and yet we see so many agencies struggling to achieve success with email marketing. Notwithstanding the difficulty and time that is required for strong email campaigns, the email bounce rate can undermine all your agency’s efforts.

The Low Down On An Email Bounce Back

As all agencies should know, there are two main types of email bounce-back. A soft bounce is a temporary delivery issue caused by the recipient’s mailboxes being full, recipient servers being down, or the large email size. All these issues can be solved by resending the email. However, it’s important to avoid these from the get-go if possible. A hard bounce is a permanent non-delivery, i.e. it will never be delivered. This includes reasons such as the recipient’s email address being incorrect or invalid, the domain name being non-existent or under construction, the recipient has put you on their blocked list, or your subscriber’s mailbox no longer being active.

Getting To Grips With Your Bounce Rate

To calculate your client’s bounce rate, your email marketing experts can simply take the number of emails that bounce divided by the number of emails sent and times by 100 to turn it into a percentage. For example, if your agency sends 1 000 emails and five bounce, then your bounce rate is: (5 / 1000) x 100 = 0.5%

Some bounce-back is inevitable and is actually expected in normal practice. If your agency receives a low soft bounce rate at roughly the 2% mark or less, then your agency is perfectly within a reasonable margin. This would translate to one in every 50 emails at maximum. Hard bounces should immediately be removed from your client’s mailing list to protect the deliverability rating. If not, your agency may find your client’s account suspended or limited, and your agency’s reputation as a sender tarnished.

How To Reduce Email Bounce Back For Your Clients
Here’s how you can reduce potential bounce back for your clients:

  • Make use of double opt-ins
  • Make your opt-ins relevant
  • Schedule regular cleaning of your client’s mailing list
  • Make mailers that work well (no broken links or photos) and ones that aren’t spam-esque
  • Segment your client’s list
  • Send regular correspondence 
  • Use your client’s professional, paid domain
  • Integrate a good captcha system in your client’s email sign-up

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