seo - Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies On Hiring The Right SEO Provider

When it comes to ensuring that your client’s needs are met, many digital agencies use external SEO providers in order to maintain efficient, reliable, and timely service without sacrificing the man-hours to do so. It also comes with a host of other benefits, but what happens when you don’t have the right SEO partner? Missed deadlines, ineffective copy, and SEO that simply does not convert. 

At Globital, we are acutely aware of what it means to have a digital provider that supports your digital marketing agency – which is why that is exactly what we strive to be. Placing second in Australian Marketing Institutes’ 2020 Award for Customer Experience Management, we have crafted a relationship that best supports your needs as a digital agency.

How To Know You’ve Found The Right SEO Provider

Something like finding the Cinderella to fit your glass slipper, there are probably hundreds (if not more) SEO firms vying for your digital marketing agency’s attention that can easily be pulled up with a local Google search. Here’s the thing, simply appearing on your online search is not a good enough reason to hire an SEO partner that you will need to depend on with the success of your client’s marketing strategies.

According to an article in Forbes, grounds for hire should include a tactical needs list (decide what you need), multiple consultation comparisons, case studies and references, and a creative flair. “Spend time researching the SEO Agency, the clients they already work with and the types of employees working at the company. There are many skills required that are essential to your success, and you need to make sure that the Agency can facilitate your needs,” rightfully states

There is no one-size-fits-all SEO agency. Similarly, there is no magic wand that can guarantee that your provider will help your clients rank number one on all of their search terms. Instead, we recommend looking for an SEO agency that does not overpromise and can manage your agency’s goals and expectations realistically and effectively. “We are building you a spectacular monument” is still amazing even if it isn’t. “We are going to name every mountain after you”. See the difference?

We agree with, when they state, “Make sure that when you choose your SEO Agency, you understand the strategy and the techniques being used to achieve your online growth… So stay well clear of unnatural approaches to SEO or any marketing tactic for that matter. Make sure that the potential SEO Agency understands your business and can work with you openly in order to achieve your desired results. Asking them to pitch how they would approach your campaign will help you to see if they are the right agency for your business! Make sure that you get a detailed deliverable checklist for what is to be achieved from the campaign and how your money is going to be spent on the campaign.”

As a digital agency, we know that you’ve seen enough to know that you need an SEO partner that delivers and offers intuitive guidance, not empty promises of grandeur. Look for transparency, credibility and referrals from industry counterparts so that you can forge ahead on a sure footing.

Get The Right SEO Partner, Choose Globital  

Now that you’ve looked through these tips, you can decide on an SEO partner that will give your digital agency the advantage. Better, choose us. We will be happy to present you with all the referrals, facts and figures to show you that we are the best for your digital marketing agency.