Lead Generation Trends In 2023 That Will Up-Level Your Marketing

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As we head into the new year, we have already seen numerous updates and innovations within the digital marketing industry. As an agency owner, staying at the forefront of these changes is imperative to ensure your clients receive quality services and outcomes when working with you.

In this blog, we share our expertise as a white-label digital marketing agency about lead generation trends in 2023 that will up-level your marketing as well as your clients. Let’s dive into it!

Leverage Conversational Marketing Tactics

Chatbots are an effective tool for conversational marketing, as they can interact with customers in real time. As of 2018, over 300,000 chatbots were created on the Facebook Chatbot platform. They are useful for quickly responding to customer questions and collecting lead data, such as contact information and feedback.

If you have a Facebook page, messenger chatbots are a powerful option to consider as they are free, require no coding experience, and can be tailored to customer preferences. However, avoid spamming visitors with notifications, as it can turn them off. The key is to be helpful, not annoying.

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Use Voice Search Marketing

A recent survey by Canalys reported that there are 66.4 million smart speaker owners in the US and 133 million worldwide, making voice search a popular method of finding information. As a result, businesses are optimizing their websites and content for speech searches.

Long-tail keywords, which mimic real-life speech patterns, are becoming more important. For example, instead of searching “best online invoicing software”, customers may ask “Alexa, what is the best invoicing software for freelancers and small businesses?”

To generate more leads, your clients should focus on creating conversational web content and targeting language used by their audience. Tools such as BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer can be used to identify popular questions on forums and Q&A sites to find out how your audience searches for information.

Unleash The Power Of Influencer Marketing

More businesses are collaborating with niche influencers to expand their reach. Influencer marketing budgets have almost doubled since 2019, as it is an effective tool for reaching potential leads through a social celebrity’s existing audience.

It’s important to find influencers who align with your brand’s values. Having an influencer endorse and promote your product or service can greatly boost lead generation. The influencer should mention or link back to your website, and you should feature their testimonials prominently.

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