LinkedIn SEO for Agencies: Tactics for Improved Reach

Linkedin SEO

LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms for job seekers to hunt down opportunities and hiring managers to find suitable candidates. But it’s so much more than that – it’s become the prime hub for companies to share their voice, keep watch on competitors, and build valuable partnerships, making focusing on SEO critical. White-label SEO services have flourished to assist businesses by optimizing LinkedIn SEO efforts to ensure the company profile is seen by interested audiences.

Just like any other social platform, LinkedIn leverages algorithms to position content and profiles in front of the right people. This means that your digital marketing agency competes against other agencies to get seen. Luckily, white-label SEO agencies can handle this for you with dedicated in-house SEO specialists ready to tackle any task to help you shine above the rest.

In this article, we explore strategies you can implement to tweak your approach to LinkedIn SEO to ensure your visibility is at an all-time high.

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What is LinkedIn SEO?

Paying attention to LinkedIn SEO ensures your content is easier to find for interested users interested. By using keywords cleverly in your business profile and posts, you can ensure that users searching for those keywords will stumble across your page and content.

LinkedIn SEO involves sprinkling relevant keywords throughout your profile and within your posts. With 82% of B2B marketers seeing success on LinkedIn, this is an opportunity for your agency to see improved reach and conversions by using the platform to its full potential.

Let’s talk about ranking factors.

Another equally crucial factor is page completion. Having a profile full of accurate information and a high-quality profile photo will perform much better than one that’s left incomplete. An incomplete profile looks unprofessional to other businesses and working professionals, which can hurt your brand’s reputation.

Make sure to update your business profile frequently; most algorithms take the freshness of content into account. Therefore, ensuring you update the page with company news, events, and insights will ensure your page ranks higher and is seen by the right audience.

Finally, avoid spam. This can take the form of keyword stuffing, low-quality material, and irrelevant content that, when picked up by the algorithm, will adversely affect your SEO and discoverability on the platform.

Leverage Your Headline

Your headline on LinkedIn is more than just a job title. It’s your elevator pitch to the digital world.

Why Your Headline Matters

An engaging headline captivates and sparks curiosity, drawing individuals to delve into what you and your firm have to offer. In the sea of profiles, yours needs to stand out, which can be achieved by strategically framing what you do and your expertise.

For instance, instead of saying “SEO Specialist,” spice it up with results-oriented flair like “SEO Wizard Driving Organic Growth.” This tells potential clients not only what you do but also the value you offer.

Tips for Crafting an Irresistible Headline

The first step is knowing your audience well.

What are these individuals looking for on LinkedIn? Tailor your message accordingly while using keywords strategically to ensure those searching for services like yours can easily find you.

Secondly, be specific yet concise. Spotlight the distinct abilities or features that set you apart from your rivals.

Finally, keep your headline updated. As your career evolves or as market demands shift, your headline should reflect these changes accurately and attractively. LinkedIn’s dynamic platform allows this flexibility, so use it to stay relevant and engaging.

URL Customization

Imagine your agency’s LinkedIn page URL as the digital equivalent of a business card. It’s not just a random piece of information; it’s a direct link to your professional world. Customizing this URL is like tailoring a suit for the perfect fit—it makes you stand out in a sea of off-the-rack options.

The Benefits of Tailoring Your URL

A customized LinkedIn URL boosts your agency’s visibility and accessibility, making it easier for potential clients to find and remember you. Think about it – which sounds more professional? A random string of characters or a clean, branded link that speaks volumes about your company’s attention to detail.

A tailored approach also enhances SEO outside LinkedIn. When people search for your agency online, a custom URL can help push your profile higher up in Google search results.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Customized URL

Keep it simple, memorable, and closely aligned with your agency’s name or niche service offering. Maintaining this uniformity in your online presence strengthens the connection people have with your brand.

Avoid using numbers or special characters unless they are part of your brand name; they complicate things unnecessarily. Keep changes minimal but meaningful, and once chosen wisely, this unique identifier becomes synonymous with all you offer.

Optimize the About Section

Your LinkedIn ‘About’ section is where first impressions are made and can often be the make-or-break factor for potential clients scrolling through your profile.

Leverage Keywords Strategically

Finding the right balance of professional jargon and searchable keywords is crucial. Consider what a potential client might type into LinkedIn’s search bar when looking for your services. Integrating these keywords not only boosts your visibility but also speaks directly to your target audience.

However, stuffing keywords does more harm than good. The key here is to subtlety and natural flow within the narrative of who you are and what you bring to the table.

Showcase Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Narrate an anecdote that showcases your unparalleled ability to devise solutions for clients, making your agency stand out among the competition. Rather than simply rattling off what you offer, think about communicating positive messages, crafting solutions, and publishing a trail of high-quality content.

A well-crafted UVP connects emotionally with readers, making them feel like they’ve found exactly what they were searching for all along.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

The end goal is always to get prospects to take action – be it visiting your website or sending an InMail message. A compelling CTA turns passive readers into active leads by guiding them towards which steps to take next after reading about your company.


Optimizing LinkedIn Posts & When to Post

If your agency has been on LinkedIn for a while, you’ve likely already posted and reshared content. BUT have you tried the platform’s article feature?

Long-form blog posts allow you to host your own blog via your business’s LinkedIn page, helping you cover relevant topics in your industry that can inform readers and add value to your brand. These articles can improve your SEO while helping you share more in-depth content than traditional LinkedIn posts with your audience.

The trick is to optimize the articles with relevant keywords to make them easier to find while showing off your expertise to position your agency as a thought leader on the topic. Additionally, timing is everything. It’s suggested that you post during work and work commute hours to ensure other professionals are active on the platform.

Avoid posting on Monday (it sees lower engagement than any other weekdays, possibly due to workload catch-ups) and weekends when most switch from professional platforms to personal social media accounts. However, this will also depend on your audience, so experimenting with posting times can be beneficial to determine that sweet spot for your agency.

Different times can influence various goals, such as building awareness, increasing engagement, and driving traffic. Consider these three factors when creating content and optimizing your posting schedule to drive the results you desire.

Keep Page & Content Updated

The importance of keeping pages updated and content fresh cannot be overstated. The platform provides many opportunities to add detail, making adding only a quick blurb a missed opportunity. The LinkedIn search engine favors completion, and every section is a chance to add relevant keywords to help your page rank higher.

The tagline is your elevator pitch, and although short, it allows you to use one or two keywords to communicate your expertise.

Ensure to include your website to make your full offering easily discoverable, and mention your industry. Highlight your specialties, which present another golden opportunity to leverage keywords for enhanced SEO potential.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers the chance to be precise with your location, which will do wonders for SEO. Ensure that you list all products and services your agency offers, and leverage the description box to further leverage those high-volume keywords.

Networking and Engagement Tactics on LinkedIn

Building meaningful connections on LinkedIn involves careful strategizing to ensure interactions that yield the best results.

To start, personalize your connection requests; a generic “I’d like to join your network” doesn’t cut it anymore. Mention something specific from the person’s profile or shared interests. This approach shows you’ve done your homework and aren’t just playing the numbers game.

Joining groups relevant to your company is another smart move. Here, actively participate in discussions, share insights, and pose questions about industry challenges or trends. Diving into relevant conversations not only showcases your knowledge but also reveals your enthusiasm for connecting with fellow professionals.

You should also leverage LinkedIn articles or posts to share original content highlighting case studies of successful campaigns or insightful analysis of current digital marketing or white-label SEO trends. This approach will put your agency’s accomplishments on display while opening the door for interaction via comments and shares to broaden your network in professional communities.


How White Label SEO Services Help Agencies Conquer LinkedIn SEO

Want to ensure your digital agency’s LinkedIn page gets noticed by the right people at the right time? That’s exactly what white-label SEO can do for you.

These white-label SEO agencies specialize in giving digital agencies like yours a significant LinkedIn SEO and business profile make-over. Operating behind the curtain, their in-house teams can elevate your online presence and interaction metrics.

A study from HubSpot shows that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or X. Therefore, if you don’t have the spare time to optimize your company and employee profiles ongoingly, outsourcing white-label SEO services can be a solution to boosting conversion rates and scaling.



Mastering LinkedIn SEO isn’t just smart –  it’s essential. Through understanding keywords, customizing URLs, optimizing your about section, keeping your page updated, and crafting engaging content, you can ensure to maximize reach, enhance conversions, and position your agency as an industry leader.

The real game-changer? White-label SEO can help your agency shine brighter on LinkedIn without overstretching resources. Leveraging white-label SEO to maximize LinkedIn’s potential is possible by being more strategic and not pouring hours into the ongoing process.

If you’re looking for a reliable white-label SEO agency, we can help you optimize your LinkedIn profiles to ensure you remain visible on the platform. Better yet, get started with a risk-free trial to test our LinkedIn SEO services today.

Simply book a quick and free strategy call with our white-label SEO team and claim your trial valued at $1000. We would love to help contribute to the growth and success of your agency by leveraging the LinkedIn platform to its full potential!

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