New Trends In Digital Marketing That Your Digital Agency Shouldn’t Ignore And Your Clients Shouldn’t Be Left Without

Digital Marketing

Trends, whether 25 of the best or 10 of the top trends, can be found throughout the online digital scene thanks to reputable digital agencies like yours publishing these. With so many trends to read, review and apply in your digital agency, where does one start? How do you pick the right ones to apply in your agency and for your clients? Yes, trends should be followed, but the right ones that are. Fortunately for you as a digital marketing agency owner, we’ve made life easy and compiled the best of the best to save you money, mind overloads, and bring you actual profit for your agency and your clients.

WEBCEO: The Evolution From SEO to Content Marketing And To Adapt Your Client’s Marketing Efforts To This

According to WEBCEO, and totally recommended by us, “Content Marketing is the next step in the SEO evolution for digital marketers. The concept here is to bring your audience content that is both useful and valuable. Timeless White Label SEO tactics like keyword research play into this by guiding your hand and steering you in the direction of content that your audience will like.”

Claim $1000 Of Reseller Content Marketing Services!

Crafting quality content marketing strategies is vital for ensuring the content pool achieves ongoing conversions for your clients. While every strategy will differ, things can get a little overwhelming to handle single-handedly. Consider outsourcing our reseller white-label content marketing packages to lighten the load and ensure those conversions continuously pour through the door!

SINGLE GRAIN: Video Marketing For Your Clients

After reviewing Single Grain’s blog, and knowing full well about the potential of video marketing, we had to recommend this, “Video marketing is one of, if not the, most important marketing trend today and likely for the next 5-10 years.” Video marketing trends that digital marketing agencies like yours should adapt, and get your clientele to make use of as well, is live video, 1:1 video; Video SEO; and 360-degree video content. 

MONOLITH: Personalisation For Your Clients And Their Marketing

We couldn’t have said this better ourselves, “Digital marketing has transformed into an integral part of a brand since the emergence of the pandemic and the massive lockdowns. It is reported that the market has witnessed 10 years’ worth of digital transformation in the last 10 months alone. To stand out in 2021, every brand must start personalizing their marketing efforts – that includes personalized content, products, emails, social media posts, multimedia, etc.” So, listen to Monolith, listen to us – it’s time to start personalizing your clients’ online marketing and digital advertising.

So many trends to talk about, so little space. So, for trending trends and more information about the best digital marketing trends, contact us at Globital at Not only do we know trends that every digital marketing reseller or white label agency should adopt, but we know marketing and have the knowledge and resources to help your agency succeed in a world of trending tools, high marketing expectations and even higher client demands.


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