Too Many Balls To Juggle: Focused Digital Marketing Strategy Works Better Than Spray And Pray

Digital Marketing

As an agency, you’ve probably seen clients use every marketing strategy available to grow their brand. This strategy might work for some, but the reality is that often, that much effort receives very little return. You can avoid this frustration by identifying and studying your client’s audience, finding their place on social media and providing consistently good content.

If social networking is working for your client’s competition, it will work for them too. However, your clients should avoid creating social media accounts on multiple platforms if they can’t manage them all. Having the intention of posting different content on each platform on a regular basis is unsustainable. Your client needs to understand their audience and promote their business on the platform that will gain more leads within that audience.

If your client wants to start blogging, that’s great. Their customers will enjoy the extra content, and this will create brand loyalty. However, your clients must be realistic in their time and writing capabilities. If they want to upload three blogs a week (in addition to their other work), they’ll be exhausted and overwhelmed, with lousy quality blogs.

Now add a PPC campaign, television or radio adverts, influencer marketing and video uploads. Your client will be stressed out and drained from the effort. Moreover, if they’re feeling crippled by the load, their efforts will be low-quality and ineffective.

The solution is focus and consistency. Launching several marketing campaigns at once is overwhelming, and risks your client losing focus. If your client picks a couple of campaigns at a time and focuses on them, they will either see positive results or be able to track why this campaign is not achieving what they expected. Being consistent in their efforts will gain more traction.

Picking the right social media platform will attract attention from leads who will give them more business, and consistently uploading new content will build a loyal following. Consistent blogging on a realistic schedule will gain loyal customers who were previously bleak prospects. Effective SEO Out efforts will get more web traffic and even save your clients money on paid advertising.

If your clients want to grow their brand, having too many balls in the air will achieve nothing other than causing them to feel overwhelmed and making them throw in the towel. If they are realistic with their time allowances and marketing capabilities, focus on a couple of well-structured campaigns at a time and be consistent with their endeavours, their efforts will be successful.

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