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Globital is a wholesale service provider to the digital, marketing, design and business services industries. Our point of difference is that we go further than just offering services to our clients. On top of our service infrastructure, we offer real support for the business success of our clients in the three core areas of wholesale digital marketing, office support services and sales support.

Globital is changing the way Marketing and Digital Agencies are growing and operating. We not only provide world-class execution of your Digital Marketing campaigns, but we also have a support system that gives you a competitive advantage with access to on the ground salespeople, virtual support and admin teams as well as a platform that is dedicated to your continued education and development. We have removed the stress and financial barriers to your growth. Interested?

Wholesale Digital Marketing
Our wholesale digital marketing platform provides digital marketing, online marketing, website design and graphic design studios across the globe, access to competitively priced, well organised, quality controlled services. These services increase their capacity to deliver, ensuring they can focus on their clients, maximise the use of their passions and add real value.
Office Support Services
Our team of Virtual Assistants offers quality office support to businesses around the world. The purpose of this office support is to remove the burden of time consuming, repetitive tasks from business owners, enabling them to be completed in a low cost, quality controlled environment, enabling business owners to maximise their time on the more important elements of their businesses.
Sales Support
Within our network of business agencies, our success is completely tied with their success. The more clients our agencies successfully sell to, the more successful their business is and as a result, the more successful our business is. Reflecting how important this relationship is, we provide ongoing sales support to our network in training, mentoring and systems.



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Simon Woodfull



With over 20 years of experience in the financial services and software industry, Simon brings a wealth of corporate governance and strategic intelligence to his role as Chairman of the Globital team.
Until the end of 2011, he was the Group CEO and Managing Director of Bravura Solutions, an ASX listed (BVA) software and solutions company that he co-founded in 2004. As the CEO, he successfully managed the business as the company grew from a 75 staff member operation in Australia to over 680 employees operating in 11 countries including London, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.
Simon possesses excellent communication skills and has a proven ability to lead organisations to successfully introduce change and implement growth strategies. He brings to Globital a depth of his experience in managing start-up businesses, driving them to achieve results and taking care of the strategic visioning of any organisation.
“I am exceptionally excited by Globital. I believe we represent the most exciting opportunity in the Global Digital Marketing Industry today!”


Globital is the result of Damian’s inspiration and tireless efforts in harmoniously bringing together industry leaders and their businesses from across the globe to create an integrated wholesale services company.
Entering the digital marketing industry in 2004 when he founded Ocean Feather Digital, Damian has over a decade of experience leading a successful retail agency as Director and CEO, serving hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. With continued expansion of the company, Damian negotiated the sale of Ocean Feather Digital to ASX listed company – Reeltime Media (ASX:RMA) in late 2013.
From his decade of experience in digital marketing and networking with many agency owners, Damian has developed an industry leading understanding of the challenges associated with running a digital marketing business in the most competitive industry that exists today.
“For me, it’s a privilege to serve the business owners of the digital marketing industry, an industry that I am very passionate about. This industry is tough. It is both hyper competitive and exceptionally fluid, making long term success a challenge. The opportunity to help the real people of this industry is quite an honour.”
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Damian Papworth


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Asjad Afzal



Asjad has designed and manages the wholesale digital marketing services provided from our offices in Pakistan.
With close to 10 years of experience in providing both offshore SEO support and direct SEO services, Asjad is focused on creating and maintaining an SEO service that gets real results, every time. Well versed in SEM, Social Media and website development disciplines, Asjad is our operational lynchpin, ensuring our high quality digital marketing services are maintained to a premium standard.
A key contributor to global SEO forums, Asjad also ensures the organisation stays up to date with the latest changes in leading digital platforms (such as Google, Facebook, etc) as well as innovations in technology and industry best standards.
“I am exceptionally proud of the services we provide agencies throughout the world. Nothing gives me more joy than when an agency sends us the thank you notes they receive from their clients, due to the support we provided to that agency.”


Since 2004, Steven has dedicated himself to infusing the South African media industry with his own unique style of journalism and expertise. To this day Steven is an avid online writer and is passionate about getting communication just right.
Starting out at FHM Magazine South Africa as the Technology and Motoring editor, Steven stayed with the title for almost 10 years, all the while immersing himself in the invading trend of online and digital media. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Steven is perfectly placed to take advantage of the marketing trends that a truly unique market like Africa presents.
As the Director of Operations in South Africa, Steven is an excellent communicator and manager of Globital’s local Copywriting team. Obsessed with quality, driven by deadline and ready to engage.
“It’s time that South Africa and Africa at large woke up to the sleeping potential within its borders and I’m proud to be representing a company that assists its clients with top quality service and the reassurance that we’re always looking out for their best interest online.”
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Steven Slotow