Cover Globital - Globital Announced As Finalist In Australian Marketing Institutes’s 2020 Award For Customer Experience Management

Globital has been recognised as one of the 3 finalists in the Australian Marketing Institutes’ 2020 award for customer experience management. 

We are particularly honoured to receive this award because it is issued in recognition of a campaign that was run internally for Globital. The campaign involved the levelling up and deliberate improvement in the experience that customers, digital agency owners, and members of the industry, are receiving from their resource partner. 

This very specific campaign, run over the past 12 – 18 months, set out to deliver an experience that delights digital agencies, and assists them in helping them serve their clients better. 

The Australian Marketing Institute is the industry authority that represents the entire marketing industry, including digital marketing interests. 

Recognition Of Deliberate Efforts

Over the past 18 months, Globital has implemented a three-pronged approach aimed at improving the experience that our clients have with us.

The first of these steps was the achievement of ISO certification. This certification was critical to Globital because it was an external audit on the management of the delivery of the services we provide and the assurance of rigid adherence to processes in everything we do. 

This certification gives agencies who use these services and products absolute confidence that they get what they pay for every single time and confidence that when they partner with Globital, they are serving their clients in the best possible way. 

The second step was to implement an Online Customer Service Support team and function, run completely independently of the operations teams. Completion of this step resulted in a team of problem solvers who sorted out any problems with projects, outcomes, and expectations. The independence that this team functions under ensures that no ego is involved in the problem-solving process.

Finally, the Net Promoter Score program was introduced to the Customer Service Support team. This direct line of feedback from our customers into the research and development teams meant that continual improvement of products and the way that our teams go about service and execution of these products was assured. 

One of the results of this campaign was the creation of a Facebook group called the Digital Marketing Dream Team. This core group of digital agencies is a community, gathering together to collaborate to solve industry problems. This community was especially helpful to digital agencies around the world during the COVID-19 crisis where we banded together and worked to help get everyone through the crisis effectively. This effort provided a top-down focus on what was going on in the industry, broadly as well as with a micro focus by having our partner coach, John Logar, facilitate daily clarity calls within the community to assist digital agencies.

Globital is really extremely proud to be acknowledged by this agency body.

delete bandt - Damian Papworth Reveals what 2019 Has in Store for Businesses

Managing Director of Globital, Damian Papworth, has received noticeable coverage in the past in the press for his dedication in addressing the varying paradigm shifts taking place in the digital space. Not only does Damian thrive on increasing the quality of work that Globital produces, but he has also positioned himself, with recognition from the industry itself, as a thought leader.

“The industry is maturing, and agencies are looking for positive sales outcomes for clients rather than merely technical results like competitive SEO…” – Damian Papworth

Speaking in Australia’s marketing, media and advertising publication, B & T, Papworth emphasised the need for businesses to build databases to forge their way through the ever-changing and evolving digital space. In the article, Papworth unpacks the need to incorporate technical SEO practices with the necessity to build quality databases especially in 2019. However, this does not aim to take away from the imperative nature of technical aspects that give business growth but aims to show that no business can thrive without people behind it.

The article further goes into how social media groups impact the changing landscape of digital marketing.

Read more on the feature here.

delete memeburn - Globital begins monthly contribution to two of South Africa’s top business and entrepreneur publications

It is always exciting to see the role that our team plays in the betterment of the digital industries in which they operate. Recently, Globital Chief Operating Officer, Steven Slotow became a regular monthly contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and Memeburn in South Africa, in an effort to contribute to the vastly changing world of digital marketing in the country. In a series of articles, Slotow tackles topics such as SEO, AdWords competitor’s analysis, pay-per-click usage and using social media analytics tools to help grow businesses.

Slotow, who has 14-years’ worth of experience as a Technology & Motoring editor for FHM magazine in South Africa, and has transferred this skill over to helping digital agencies run more profitable businesses.

As part of this effort, Steven now contributes on a monthly basis to both Memeburn and Entrepreneur Magazine in South Africa.

Memeburn is a website with a strong focus on emerging digital markets, social media activities as well as mobile and generated technologies. This authority of online culture and lifestyle in South Africa relies on experts in their field, like Steven is in digital marketing, to provide regular content that not only adds value to their audience but also provides them with really practical advice and strategy around online advertising.

Entrepreneur Magazine is one of South Africa’s premier business titles and is widely read by leaders in their field, business owners and decision makers.

For the full Memeburn articles, click here.

For the full Entrepreneur Magazine articles, click here.

Damain Papworth Globital

Globital CEO, Damian Papworth, was recently featured as an expert guest on a new Australian podcast, hosted by The Copywriters. .

The Copywriters are a team of Australian content producers who pride themselves on their expert content writing services that they provide to Australian Marketing, PR and Web Design Agencies all throughout the country.

Damian joined Cody Shorter on their inaugural episode of their new podcast which aims at addressing all sorts of issues and trends within the digital marketing industry.

Never one to turn down a chance to spread the news of the amazing ways that Globital is influencing the Australian digital industry, Damian took the opportunity to address several topics including: the challenges of working offshore, Globital’s truly unique business model of working directly with only agencies and not end, retail clients and some of his personal annoyances within the digital industry that hold many agencies back.

Of particular use and value was Damian’s insight and advice for Australian businesses to read the important business book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Aside from the importance that this book places on knowing your business back-to-front, numbers to suppliers, Damian shared his adaption of the books “Hedgehog Principle” into the digital marketing industry.

In short, the principle suggests asking yourself “What is it in the world and in my industry, that I can do and be the absolute best in the world at?”, calling this essential in Australia’s saturated digital marketing industry. Stay true to this principle, suggests Damian and the book and you’ll become one of the greats.

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Australian Digital Marketing Company

SEO Resellers South Africa recently had the pleasure of being profiled in South African weekly newspaper Business Day, for their Sunday 23 October edition.

This is quite an achievement, as Business Day is one of South Africa’s oldest business related weekly papers and commands a sizable circulation of local decision makers and business leaders.

It’s just another sign that SEO Resellers South Africa is making strides in the digital marketing industry and that what we have to offer is unique enough to grab the attention of others.

The article in particular emphasises one of our key differences in relation to other international wholesale agencies with local footprints, which is the fact that we are completely tailored to the uniquely South African market.

It’s this unique difference that we predict will continue to garner us positive press and clients as we become more established in the local digital marketing industry. Read More

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The Marketing Site .com

SEO Resellers South Africa continues to create waves in the local digital marketing industry with its appearance on

This popular site is widely considered to be a top online marketing and communications knowledge hub for an international base of marketing service providers who want to become global resources to be reckoned with. The site receives between 50 000 and 60 000 unique users every month, and 15 000 marketing professionals subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

Unlike many marketing information sites, the does not rely on any advertising revenue and therefore has established a reputation for providing bias-free marketing communication to the industry since its inception some 17 years ago.

It’s yet another sign that SEO Resellers South Africa is genuinely and positively disrupting the usual way of doing things in the local digital marketing industry – and that people are sitting up and taking notice. Read More

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Services In SA

Momentum builds in South Africa as local agencies discover the advantages Globital can offer the local digital marketing community across so many services at not a discount off retail but a truly wholesale level.

Globital’s Head of Operations in South Africa, Steven Slotow speaks with Media Update this week to delve further into how SEO Resellers South Africa are able to help agencies become more profitable and more successful utilising our unique service portal. This along with the Copywriting Arm of the business which services the global market taking Globital as a company to a new level of it’s own…
Read more>>
Business Show

On the 21st of July 2016 Globital Pty Ltd CEO, Damian Papworth speaks with Bryan Hattingh on the Risky Business Show –, Legendary Radio in South Africa. Damian is joined for this live radio interview by Steven Slotow, Head of  SEO Resellers South Africa Operations to establish some real insight into how Globital can support the Digital Marketing Industry in South Africa. Also discussed during the interview is how Globital is utilising South Africa as a base for it’s global, white label copywriting operation. (more…)

Gold Coast Bulletin

This is an article which was published in Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper on Monday 13 June 2016.

file page1 - Australia's Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper

Managing Director Damian Papworth announces the launch of long awaited outsourced copywriting at a wholesale level. In an online world where content is everything and search engines demand it, there’s finally an option for reliable, cost effective copy written by native english speakers. Here is the article. For enquiries regarding this new service please don’t hesitate to contact SEO Resellers Australia on 1300 014 416.

SEO Reseller

In the following article Hubstaff bring together 7 experts worldwide, on building white label business success. In this article Damian Papworth, CEO and Managing Director of SEO Resellers Australia, SEO Resellers South Africa and other digital marketing businesses around the world, contributes his views on what creates success in this competitive industry. It all comes down to the Globital philosophy, everyone must get true value out of all our services. I think you’ll enjoy reading this collaboration of ideas.

7 Experts Weigh In on How to Build a Successful White Label Agency