Virtual Assistance

Need An Extra Set Of Hands On A Non-Existent Hiring Budget?

A dedicated virtual resource for your marketing business could be the answer to all your problems.

Being the boss of your own marketing agency is fun. You get to interact directly with your clients and call the shots. The downside is that when work needs to get done and all your staff are snowed under, you’re often the only one who can do it – even the tedious, boring and time-consuming stuff, like managing the business calendar and chasing up emails – not to mention balancing the books and dealing with your business’ Facebook page.

Our Wholesale Virtual Assistant service allows business owners to lower operational costs by outsourcing low-level tasks to a professional dedicated Virtual Assistant. Globital helps business clients save money and time and improve on productive processes that are geared towards business growth by providing quality support where it is needed.

There has to be an easier way – and Globital is happy to tell you that there is. It’s called hiring a virtual assistant, and it ticks all the boxes when it comes to time, money and convenience. In short, you get to hire someone – for a few days or hours a week – who comes fully trained and capable in whatever admin and other task you’ll want them to do. They’ll be located remotely but available when you need them, and as they’re often located across the world you’ll benefit from them working while you’re asleep, arriving at the office the next day to completed tasks.

With none of the HR risks associated with hiring staff, a VA can be a great way for a business owner to free up time, by outsourcing many of the repetitive tasks you deal with on a daily basis. As with all our other services, we only offer quality, consistent VAs that you can rely on.

The list really is endless though and over time, we will expand this offering to include more niche and specialised skills. If you have a particular skill need though, send us an enquiry and we will advise whether we can find someone with a suitable skill set.

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Event co-ordination

Process documentation


If you have a major marketing project or large volume of work that you need completed for a client, we can also allocate a dedicated a marketing expert to you for as long as you need – even bring them on as a permanent member of your team. This means you have your very own copywriter, designer or marketing professional at your beck and call, without having to personally manage their work or HR environment. What’s not to like?

Just think about it – you’re organising an event but just before you’re about to leave your office to attend a family member’s birthday party, you get the news that your venue of choice is no longer available. With an Outsourced virtual assistant you can simply brief them over Skype and go off to enjoy your family time, knowing that when you return to your office the next morning, they’ll have created a list of suitable alternatives within your budget.

Everything Globital does is geared towards making your life as a marketer easier. If you think that any of the above services could help in this regard, contact us today.