Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising For Marketing Agencies Built, Managed And Reported

Globital offers expert Pay-Per-Click search engine marketing services to all marketing agencies, wholesale and hassle-free.

We get it. Clients can get impatient when expecting results from digital marketing services. You’ve patiently explained to them that services like SEO mean they are in it for the long haul and are only likely to see major changes in rankings several months down the line. That’s all good, but you can sense that they’re losing interest in digital marketing because they aren’t seeing anything happen immediately.

We can’t give you a magic wand to fast forward to the future when your clients will rank better on search engines. What we can do is offer your marketing agency our wholesale search engine marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services.

PPC advertising involves managing paid adverts for a client using targeted keywords. When a person searches for a service or a product that matches what your client offers, they’ll see a short and compelling ad alongside the search engine results. Research has shown that people who click on these ads do so with an intent to part with their money, which makes this an unbeatable option for clients who want to see short-term results, like in the case of promotions or a need for immediate sales.

From Google Ads to Bing/Microsoft Ads, Apple Ads, AdRoll, Amazon Ads and much more, we have solutions for all your pay-per-click management and marketing requirements. From Search to Display, Remarketing, Shopping, Local Maps, Video or App Campaigns, we can help you in all directions.

Stop telling your digital agency clients you don’t manage PPC. Instead, partner with a white label service provider to build them for you, and you cash in on the billing. Trusting a white label partner not to drop the ball on a massive PPC project is difficult. Not when that partner supports hundreds of agencies around the world. What are you waiting for?

Outsource to a superior, affordable, white label reseller and grow your income now!

Your brand takes the lead with our white label program. Partner with quality – win leads.

Get your $1000 voucher now and try out our services - no strings attached!


PPC Audit

(Keyword Research In Terms of Estimated Cost Per Click, Competition, Searches)

Campaign Draft

(Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Banners, Extensions, Negatives, Call Outs)

Campaign Setup

(Settings, Location, Bidding, Sitelinks, Scheduling, Budgeting, Billing)

Conversion Tracking

(Creation and Installation of Conversions i.e Form Enquiries, Phone Calls, Sales, Sign-ups)

Landing Pages

(Landing Pages Creation and Optimisation)

Budget Monitoring

(Daily Budget Monitoring To Complete Monthly Budget Precisely)

Weekly Analysis & Revisions

(Analysis and Revisions in Budgeting, Ads, Keywords, Extensions, Bidding)

Weekly & Monthly Reports

(Weekly Google Ads Performance Reports for 1st Month and Then Monthly Google Ads Performance Reports)

Grow & Scale Your Digital Agency Fast

Advanced Tools We Use

Optimizely + Crazzy Eggs

(For Conversion Optimisation)

Agency Analytics + ReportGarden

(AndWords Performance Reporting)

phone x 1 - Pay Per Click


(Landing Pages Creation)

SEMrush + Google Keyword Planner

(Keywords & Ads Research)


Grow Profits, Clients & Services Without Headcount Hassles, Quality Compromises & Ineffective Processes.

We’re Google Ads Experts

It’s no secret that Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and to place ads on Google, you need to be Google Ads certified. We’re proud to have an entire team of Google Ads certified specialists working for Globital, which means your clients’ search, display, remarketing and shopping campaigns could not be in better hands.

No two of your clients will have the same goals, but whether they’re looking to collect email addresses to build a database or clear out old stock via online sales, there’s a PPC or Adwords solution to the problem.

Your marketing clients could stand to benefit from this service, and us offering it to you in a wholesale white label fashion means that you can provide it to them effortlessly, without taking on any new expensive resources and without spending hours and hours becoming an expert in PPC.