delete bandt - Damian Papworth Reveals what 2019 Has in Store for Businesses

Managing Director of Globital, Damian Papworth, has received noticeable coverage in the past in the press for his dedication in addressing the varying paradigm shifts taking place in the digital space. Not only does Damian thrive on increasing the quality of work that Globital produces, but he has also positioned himself, with recognition from the industry itself, as a thought leader.

“The industry is maturing, and agencies are looking for positive sales outcomes for clients rather than merely technical results like competitive SEO…” – Damian Papworth

Speaking in Australia’s marketing, media and advertising publication, B & T, Papworth emphasised the need for businesses to build databases to forge their way through the ever-changing and evolving digital space. In the article, Papworth unpacks the need to incorporate technical SEO practices with the necessity to build quality databases especially in 2019. However, this does not aim to take away from the imperative nature of technical aspects that give business growth but aims to show that no business can thrive without people behind it.

The article further goes into how social media groups impact the changing landscape of digital marketing.

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