SEO Resellers South Africa

When SEO Resellers South Africa initially launched in early 2016, it was to serve as the home for the Globital brand’s copywriting team, as overseen by local Director of Operations Steven Slotow.

As time progressed and the office continued to go from strength to strength, it soon became apparent that there was a need for a dedicated sales team to be introduced into the business to help expand the SEO Resellers South Africa presence and include the support and offering of all the digital marketing services offered by Globital into the South African market. This was accomplished through the introduction of two dedicated Sales Consultants – a first for the local business.

With consultant Isaac Chola based in the company’s Gauteng offices and Gonzales Ndyamba setting up sales operations in Cape Town, the major metropolitan areas of South Africa were covered.

The purpose of the introduction of a sales team was to ensure that there were dedicated and knowledgeable people always available to sell SEO Reseller South Africa’s digital marketing services to local digital marketers and agencies. Parallel to this, it is also imperative that SEO Resellers supports these agencies as they sign up, something Isaac and Gonzales are well placed to do.

Part of Isaac and Gonzales’ efforts would be to representative SEO Resellers South Africa at networking events, pitching to prospective clients face-to-face and even attending sales meetings on behalf of clients to help them better sell the SEO Resellers South Africa services.

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