Screenshot 2020 10 07 131206 - Globital Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification 

Globital has received it’s ISO 9001 certification. This ISO certification is a guarantee to the agencies that we support that they can have absolute confidence that they are teamed up with a resource partner who is supporting them with the best possible processes and adherence to quality standards.

The ISO 9001 certification involved a stringent external audit of our processes and management of the delivery of services. The issuing of the certification means that agencies can feel confident that they are getting what they pay for on every campaign and supporting their clients with the best possible digital marketing services.

The external ISO audit scrutinised our team’s processes, ensuring quality management, clearances of non-compliance and assurance that all efforts are made with predictability and consistency in mind. 

While the Globital team, along with CEO Damian Papworth, are proud to announce this business milestone, the team is not celebrating just yet. “This accreditation forms part of a larger plan to surpass global standards as well as customer requirements set out in the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015” explains Papworth. “We started an exploratory exercise three years ago to align ourselves with ISO 9001 best practice and from the moment we employed a quality assurance manager we set out pursuing what I called at that time, “a lofty vision”. Anticipating the needs and demands of our customers is something core to Globital’s mission as a resource partner. So, it follows that ISO certification was a logical step towards achieving this goal.”

“Now accredited, it is our job to raise the standards of all members of our teams and the professionals at large. From there, we will be able to lift the standards of marketing for all the agencies we support and clients we work with. So, as a long-term result, we lift the standard of excellence for our entire industry and beyond.”

The Globital team wishes to thank all of its clients, resource partners, work colleagues and all within its broad professional network who have helped and supported this process. The team encourages the industry as a whole to pursue ISO accreditation and to elevate their standards and quality.

ISO Certificate Globital - Globital Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification