Cover Globital - Globital Announced As Finalist In Australian Marketing Institutes’ 2020 Award For Customer Experience Management

Globital has been recognised as one of the 3 finalists in the Australian Marketing Institutes’ 2020 award for Customer Experience Management. 

We are particularly honoured to receive this award because it is issued in recognition of significant internal changes made within Globital. These internal efforts included the levelling up and deliberate improvement in the experience that customers, digital agency owners, and members of the industry, are receiving from their resource partner. 

These very specific and strategic improvements, implemented over the past 12 – 18 months, set out to deliver an experience that delights digital agencies and assists them in helping them serve their clients better. 

The Australian Marketing Institute is the industry authority that represents the entire marketing industry, including digital marketing interests. 

Recognition Of Our Commitment To Our Customers

Over the past 18 months, Globital has implemented a three-pronged approach aimed at improving the experience that our clients have with us.

The first of these steps was the achievement of ISO certification, a globally recognised certification for Quality Assurance. This certification was critical to Globital because it was an external audit on the management of the delivery of the services we provide and the assurance of rigid adherence to processes in everything we do. 

This certification gives agencies who use these services and products absolute confidence that they get what they pay for every single time and confidence that when they partner with Globital, they are serving their clients in the best possible way. 

The second step was to implement an Online Customer Service Support team and function, run completely independently of the operations teams. Completion of this step resulted in a team of problem solvers who sorted out any problems with projects, outcomes, and expectations. The independence that this team functions under ensures that no ego is involved in the problem-solving process.

Finally, the Net Promoter Score program was introduced to the Customer Service Support team. This direct line of feedback from our customers into the research and development teams meant that continual improvement of products and the way that our teams go about service and execution of these products was assured. 

One of the results of this campaign was the creation of a Facebook group called the Digital Marketing Dream Team. This core group of digital agencies is a community, gathering together to collaborate to solve industry problems. This community was especially helpful to digital agencies around the world during the COVID-19 crisis where we banded together and worked to help get everyone through the crisis effectively. This effort provided a top-down focus on what was going on in the industry, broadly as well as with a microfocus by having our partner coach, John Logar, facilitate daily clarity calls within the community to assist digital agencies.

Globital is extremely proud to be acknowledged by this agency body.