Globital Awarded Second Place At The 2020 AMI Awards In The Customer Experience Category

Globital Awarded Second Place At The 2020 AMI Awards In The Customer Experience Category

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The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) recently awarded Globital second place in the Customer Experience category for Queensland at the AMI 2020 awards. It is a great honour for us at Globital to be acknowledged amongst our industry counterparts for excellent marketing practices that benefit our clients.

This year’s award is particularly meaningful for the organisation because it recognises the significant internal strategic improvements that have been successfully implemented over the past 18 months, to enhance the experience that our customers are receiving from their resource partner.

Damian Papworth, Managing Director at Globital, said, “Our Customer Experience Campaign, was designed to improve client retention and revenue growth by nurturing and encouraging trust between our teams and the digital agencies that we support. We created and systemised a cycle that collected feedback, interpreted issues and implemented resolutions in a manner that was demonstrable to those agencies.”

The first step in our three-pronged approach was the achievement of the globally recognised ISO certification for Quality Assurance. This certification was critical because it represents our pledge to assure all our clients that they will get the same level of excellence in customer experience every time should they partner with us at Globital.

The next step was the implementation of the Online Customer Service Support team and function that runs independently from the Globital Operations team. The role of this team is to provide ongoing problem-solving support to agencies on their projects, outcomes and expectations.

The final step was the introduction of the Net Promoter Score Program to our Customer Services Support team. This step enables our research and development team to get a direct line of feedback from our customers. With this feedback from our customers, we can continuously improve our product offerings, customer services and execution of products.

Another one of the significant results of this campaign was the creation of a Facebook group called the Digital Marketing Dream Team – a group of like-minded digital agencies around the world that has been particularly instrumental in helping digital agency owners to navigate the unprecedented times brought on by Covid-19.

This year the AMI Awards were hosted as a virtual event that showcased the winners for 18 campaign categories and eight special awards.

“We are very excited and honoured as an organisation, to be recognised by such a distinguished institution for the hard work and commitment demonstrated by our team to deliver an experience that delights digital agencies and assists them to service their clients better,” Papworth concluded.


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