Google Livestreamed Australia

When SEO Resellers Australia held an exclusive Google Connect Event in 2016, it gave local marketers and businesses the chance to hear about the wholesalers Google and AdWords advertising capabilities.

SEO Resellers Australia was selected as hosts thanks to our official partnership with Google, and attendees heard directly from search behemoth through alivestreamed Chromecast while we offered them a uniquely Australian breakdown. The event was successful, and every attendee walked away with a better knowledge of our ability to support them using Google.

The event was heavily advertised using social media and PR that was successful in drawing in a crowd that would benefit most from mingling with other prospects and make the most of the opportunity to generate leads, network and find valuable business connections. Registrations were snapped up instantly and it was an expectant crowd that greeted SEO Resellers Australia CEO Damian Papworth for the actual event.

Because we wanted each agency to walk away feeling like they’d undoubtedly gotten value out of sharing their time with us, everyone received free branded Google goodies and food and drinks. We also had several local AdWords experts present to answer any questions attendees had on AdWords as part of amarketing and lead generation strategy.

The response received shows us that while Australian businesses are aware of and trust Google’s international brand offering, what they lack is a partner to guide them through its place in the Australian business economy.

Due to the overwhelming response from these who attended as well as those who couldn’t make the date, we’ll definitely be holding another information sharing event in the near future where businesses and marketers can learn from our insights.

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