Adam Steen 3 - What Does Marketing & Freediving Have In Common?

The process of rebranding Globital is one of total rebirth and new opportunities for not just the resellers that the company supports, but also for the connections and relationships that we have built over the past few years.

One of these new connections that Globital is extremely proud to announce is its sponsorship of Australia’s top freediver, Adam Stern.

Globital MD Damian Papworth has a bit of experience with freediving himself and shares Adam’s passion for the sport. It’s this passion that led Damian to recognise the similarities between freediving and running a small business.

In the below video, Damian unpacks this not so subtle connection between freediving and running a small digital agency. In it, Damian explains how difficult and arduous freediving can be, bringing with it the pressures and sinking feelings of being overwhelmed and alone. Not so different to what many digital agency owners feel daily. Not a welcoming environment.

And just like Adam, explains Damian, in those moments we need to find that feeling of Zen and start performing at our peak, even though the weight of the world is on our shoulders.


We’re really excited to have Adam join the Globital family so that he can share the lessons and insights, that he has had during freediving, with our resellers so that they can get better at running their own businesses.