Dubae 2018 - Senior Management Converge On Dubai For The Annual Managers Conference 2018

The month of October saw the annual Senior Management trip to Dubai to discuss the current and future prospects of Globital. During this corporate conference, with the aim of realigning the company, Managing Director Damian Papworth, Director of Operations in Pakistan Asjad Afzal and South Africa’s Director of Operations Steven Slotow broke down the current state of their respective operations in their countries, highlighting challenges and opportunities observed throughout the year in order to close in gaps and identify viable avenues for future success.

As senior managers, this conference is invaluable, not only to touch base with each other but more importantly, to develop and build sustainable strategies and goals that will build and strengthen internal operations as well as better understand the needs of our clients. The purpose of the conference was to unpack Globital’s corporate goals in a manner that allows management to dissect where we’re winning and where we can improve and better meet the expectations of our employees in order to succeed in delivering quality solutions for our clients.

Steven Slotow shared some insights into the copywriting aspects of the business. “Our South African team are all experienced in their skills. Having developed robust and scalable systems that help our writers improve their writing to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients has meant major improvements”. The development of this department has assisted in drawing up strategies for better briefing processes and turnaround times that highlight the promise of service delivery.

“The Pakistan team now comprises of just over 150 employees which poses a unique challenge”, indicated Asjad. “However, challenges are always a door of opportunities. This sizeable operation has allowed us to harness the notion of team effort and support the business in a variety of our offerings in an impactful way”. As a company that aims to drive service, support and success, the road into 2019 has never looked better.

With plans of seeing the bigger picture of Globital’s future, Damian reiterated the need to capture the essence of the company’s brand and identity. “ We are here to clarify our corporate goals and ensure that we meet the needs of our clients. In this, we will be heading into 2019 with a slightly different approach to our processes as well as in developing better strategies. The only way to do this is through two key elements; showing that agencies are not alone and that we are a community. As a global brand, we will continue standing for growth, leadership, accountability and driving success for all our clients.”