In the deployment of any successful digital marketing campaign (be it SEO, social media management, web design or AdWords), copywriting is one of the most expensive skills to provide a client with. Throughout the world, full-time, reliable and experienced copywriter’s resellers command a sizable salary.

Globital’s family of wholesale copywriting content creation brands operates primarily to provide relief to digital agencies throughout the world from the costs often associated with freelance copywriters and the delays caused by not being supplied on time by unmotivated clients.

Our white label, wholesale & outsourced copywriting services offer a wide range of copywriting products which include blog posts (of varying lengths, research and frequencies), website content (aimed at informing visitors and closing sales on websites), email marketing solutions (geared towards informing, nurturing and driving desired behaviours) and even the generation of copy written to accompany an inventory of products on eCommerce websites.



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